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TOPS SOCCER 2016-2017

This program is for children with special needs. We will provide a program that will meet once a week for approximately and hour. If your child does not have a disability, do not register him/her here.

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TOP Soccer

  • TOPSoccer (The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community based program run by Club volunteers designed to help meet the needs of children and young adults who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities. It aims to provide these members of our community the opportunity to develop soccer skills while having fun in a safe and supportive environment. It is open to boys and girls age 4 to 19 with disabilities. Registration is Free.


Intramurals: Spring 2015

  • U4 thru U10 Divisions play recreational soccer with the focus being PLAYER development (not so much team development). Intramural Club teams play weekend games against each other to see how their players' skill development and game intelligence is progressing. Standings are not kept. Wins/Losses are not recorded.
  • The registration fee is $125. This includes 1 hour of Club training provided by NY Red Bull trainers. A uniform is not included in this fee. $50 late fee wil be applied on all registrations come July 18th.


Pre-Travel: Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

  • This is for any players in our U8 divisions looking to play in more competative games.
  • Players will play in our Intramural AND LIJSL Travel games.
  • They will have 2.5 hrs of Red Bull Training a week (1hr with Intramural team, 1.5 hrs with their pre-travel team), and a Red Bull trainer will coach 10 LIJSL travel games (schedule permitting).
  • The Intramural games will still be coached by a parent-coach volunteer.
  • Costs: $485/season ($970 total)


      (U9 only): Fall 2015- Spring 2016

  • They will have 3 hrs of Red Bull Training a week, and a Red Bull trainer will coach ALL LIJSL travel games (schedule permitting).
  • They will NOT play Intramural games
  • Costs: $422.50/season ($845 total)


Travel: Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

  • This is formal travel for ages U10 thru U19 boys & girls who compete in the Long Island Junior Soccer League. VSSC teams will play home and away games against other teams on Long Island.  At this point wins/losses are recorded and teams are placed into competative divisions based on their record to ensure proper competition.
  • Teams can also strive to compete in Cup and Regional competitions.
  • Costs:
    • U10: $225
    • U11: $235
    • U12: $245
    • U13-U19: $260
    • Training fees are in addition to the costs listed above.


Interleague: Fall 2015

  • U11 thru U14 Divisions:  Players that do not go LIJSL Travel can play in our Interleague Division (These teams travel between nearby towns in Nassau County. Games and schedules are coordinated by coaches).
  • The registration fee is $150. This includes Club training provided by NY Red Bull trainers. A $50 late fee wil be applied on all registrations come July 18th.


 (PLEASE NOTE: due to weather, holidays, and other circumstances, there is no guarantee to the number of Red Bull training sessions your child may receive in one Intramural/Interleague season.)


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